Best Saws 2019: Reviews, Top Picks & Guides

sawA saw is an integral part of any woodworking project. It is for that reason that I decided to develop this website that will not only review table saws but most of the saws we use.

Being a person who’s had experience using different saws, I can see how important it is to seek out a good saw before purchasing one. Their many points to consider when purchasing the best saw.

In my consideration, there are two points that are paramount when considering a new table saw. First and foremost, safety. Using a saw is actually quite dangerous when you’re not sure what you’re doing.

The second point is the accuracy of the cut. When making a cut and if you cannot get the guide to line up perfectly or perpendicular to the blade then you have some serious accuracy issues with your cuts.

And to be truthful, I really hate spending money then not getting the desired results. This is why decided to create a website on saw reviews to help guys who are looking for saws for different construction or demolition jobs.

With a few years of experience with THESE saws, I’ve seen the light, and know what it takes to find the right saw. Within this site, you’ll find various saw reviews on some of the major brands of saws as seen through the eyes of I and other users.

Top rated Saw Reviews

Table saw – Top rated Table saws 2019


With hundreds of table saws to choose from, picking the right one can be a job best left up to research and professional advice.

We offer reviews on a range of table saws from portable, cabinet and hybrid table saws for use in industrial woodcutting or for outdoor purposes.

Some of the things you should know include the motor speed, Blades used, fence and the miter gauge.

Miter saw

Best miter saw

Machines such as the miter saws are one of the cutting tools frequently present in construction projects. Miter saws are one of the most highly demanded and highly recommended when it comes to precise and clean cutting of wood materials.

Unlike cutting woods with mere human strength under inconsistent cutting method, the best miter saw eliminates the danger of altering the dimensions set for the wood material because of its structure and simple cutting process; it’ll be a light task for someone to bench cut the wood.

Tile Saw

tile saw

Whether you are a professional tradesman or a hands-on DIY-enthusiast when you have to do some kind of flooring job you normally need a Tile saw.

Tile Saws come in many shapes and sizes. So, the individual has a wide variety of wet tile saws to choose from and can expect to pay anywhere from about 100 dollars to 900 hundred dollars.

They will notice there are several distinctive types of saws available. Some of them are made of plastic or metal and can have different safety features.



Reciprocating Saw

reciprocating saw

If you’re in the market for a reciprocating saw, you probably already know all about the convenience that this tool offers.

Do-it-yourselfers, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, landscapers, and general contractors all value reciprocating saws for their incredible versatility.

They can be used to carve tiny holes in drywall, slice out an opening the countertop for sink installation, and even trim down thick tree branches



There are many times in life when a man/Woman needs a chainsaw. In fact, you can easily find yourself in a sticky situation where the only thing you really need to get your life back on track is a powerful, highly operable chainsaw.

Imagine if a huge storm hit your area, knocked down multiple trees, and put large, dangerous branches on your house, threatening to poke through your roof and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Are you prepared?

Scroll Saw

scroll saw

A scroll saw is the perfect tool for the woodworker who wants to cut intricate curves.





Circular saw

circular saw

Finding the best circular saws could never be easier. Whether you are interested in the circular saw that is effortless to grab even with gloves, or you want the one that is rational in price, this circular saw list offers you the best options.

Included in the review are safety measures as well as the different types of saws and blades available in the market.


Jig Saw

jig saw








Compact circular saw

Compact circular saw









Portable Band Saw

Portable Band Saw

A Band saw is another important tool. Most of the woodworkers use a bandsaw for re-sawing and cutting curves.

The models available today in the market look almost the same but have a great difference in price. Some of the models have the same components but the upgrades are different. Choosing the right bandsaw depends on the budget and the type of use you expect.