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Hitachi C12RSH Compound Laser Miter Saw Review

The Hitachi C12RSH is a mid-range miter saw that provides you with a lot of great features and functionality that makes your miter cutting just that much easier. The compact design of these saw makes for easy carrying and a high degree of portability if you need to take it from job to job all the time.

The fixed slide rail system used on the Hitachi C12RSH allows the head of the saw to move very smoothly over the dual rails. The compact slide system also does not require any rear clearance like many other miter saw models do. This means that you can use the saw in smaller more confined spaces and also have the saw up against a wall if need be.

When using any miter saw you want it to be as efficient as possible. The Hitachi C12RSH has everything in the right place that makes any cuts or adjustments you need to make really simple and you will not spend a lot of time whenever you need to change any of the settings around. It is an extremely user friendly saw, one that anyone can start using right out of the box.

Overview of the C12RSH


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Specifications for the Hitachi C12RSH

Cutting range and ability

You get quite a large range for your miter cuts with the Hitachi C12RSH. On the left hand side you can set the miter angle anywhere from 0 to 46 degrees and on the right side from 0 to 57 degrees. You also get all of the standard positive miter stops to allow for quick and easy set up of the common miter angles that you will need to cut at.

The bevel cut angle range is from 0 to 45 degrees on both sides. You can quickly flip the head of the saw too so that you can make opposing cuts without having to move the application you are cutting at all. You can use the micro bevel adjustment knob to ensure that you get the exact angle that you need for your bevel cuts each and every time.

Laser technology

For precision cutting, the Hitachi C12RSH has a built in laser marker system that you can activate before the blade starts so you get an exact line and clear view of where you will be cutting. You can adjust the laser to your cutting preference. So if you like to cut down the left hand side of the of the laser mark you can easily set it to this, and also for the right hand side if this is your preference too.

Hitachi C12RSH miter saw

Motor and speed

The Hitachi C12RSH has a 15 amp motor that produces a no load speed of 3,800 RPM, which will enable you to cut through even the toughest of hard woods very easily. It produces very clean cuts too, and the splinter guard will help to reduce any tear of the wood as the blade hits it and also keep you safe from any flying splinters too.

Product dimensions

The Hitachi C12RSH is quite a compact size, yet it is extremely stable when you work on it. These are the measurements for the saw:

  • Length = 23- 7/16 inches
  • Depth = 27- 15/16 inches
  • Height = 36- 5/8 inches
  • Weight = 63.9 pounds

Overall conclusion on the Hitachi C12RSH miter saw

The consistency you get with this saw is very impressive, as is the smoothness of the operation. Hitachi has made the C12RSh really easy to use and the quality of the cuts is very high. You get a lot of functionality with this saw too, the Hitachi C12RSH is extremely user friendly and you are getting a lot of value for your money with this miter saw.